The Best Betting System for Playing Blackjack

Winning money when you’re playing Blackjack is not all about counting cards. Winning big money consistently depends on a lot of other factors. Counting cards will only get you so far before casinos throw you out. For others, they know that you could be winning absolutely everything and in the next moment, you could be left with nothing.

The chip stacks fluctuate quite erratically and that is why it is essential for you to find the best possible betting system. Here are a few popular betting systems you could consider use:

The Labouchere betting system

This is a negative progressive system. You’ll always end up with a profit using this system at the end of the betting cycle. You will need to win all your bets too for this. You need to write down a series of numbers. The length and series of the numbers will depend on the type of blackjack you are playing. Every number represents a value in chips or units. You add the 1st and last number of the series first. The sum is how many chips you are going to bet. Whenever you win, you cancel out the numbers and then add the next two in the series. You keep doing this until you finish all the numbers.

The Paroli betting system

This is a positive progressive betting system. It doesn’t require a lot of money and is among the most stable betting systems out there. You start off by betting a single unit and your subsequent bets will be your initial bet plus whatever you win. This keeps on growing as you keep winning. It’s important here to have a stop point though. This should be determined before you begin gambling. It could be an amount or a unit. Whenever you reach your stopping point or lose, you need to start over.