What You Should Know About the MIT Blackjack Team

The MIT blackjack team became famous and known all over the world for beating Las Vegas casinos at their own game. The people who did not know about these people certainly got to know about them when they saw the movie 21.

But, while this movie did quite a bit to glamorize the entire endeavor, the fact remains that the true story behind what happened is lost on the big screen. If you read up about this team, you will see that it’s not all guts and glory. It’s about a lot more.

The biggest difference between the movie and real life is that most people who were a part of this team were Asians and not Caucasian like the movie shows. One of the original members of the team, Jeff Ma, even got a small role in the movie as a blackjack dealer. Even though Ma doesn’t play blackjack anymore, he is still quite interested in gambling.

Some members of the blackjack team still play the game today. The names of all the team members haven’t been revealed and it looks like that’s never going to happen.

One more thing which the movie gets terribly wrong is the lifestyle of the team members. It shows them living a high-flying, rock and roller type lifestyle full of lap dances and champagne. However, the truth is that these people did whatever they possibly could to go under the radar. There were many reasons for this but the biggest one was that casinos hate card counters. They approached the game like they would a business and because of that were able to go under the radar and get away with what they were doing for years. They ultimately did get caught though so perhaps this is not the best long-term plan for anyone.