A Look at MIT Blackjack Team’s Card Counting Strategy

Many people falsely believe that card counting is simple. They would probably have seen the movie 21 where a MIT Blackjack team was able to win big at Las Vegas by using simple mathematics and statistics to become rich. Well, if you thought you need to be a genius to become a card counter then think again. It may not be simple, but you certainly don’t have to be a genius to understand how it works. There aren’t any complicated formulas. You don’t need to remember all the cards which are being dealt. All you must do is be able to add and subtract. You will just need to practice a little bit.

When it comes to card counting, you consider the cards 7, 8 and 9 as a value of 0. All the cards between 2 and 6 are considered as a plus one. All the cards between 10 and ace are counted as minus one. So, whenever the count is high, it means there are high-value cards left in the deck as opposed to if the count is low. This can be quite an advantage for counters. You should keep on betting the table minimum until the odds are in your favor by at least a plus 5.

If you want to be cautious then wait for it to be at plus 10 before you start betting high. Take advantage of as many double downs as you can when the count is plus 10. Just remember that casinos don’t take lightly to people who are counting cards. So, expect them to keep a stern eye on you if you are counting cards.

They may even kick you out if you start winning too much. So, keep yourself in the green up to a respectable amount and don’t ever let them suspect you of being anything but lucky.